17TH ANNUAL EVENT // JULY 16-19, 2020



The summer of 2020 will mark our 17th year running international tricking gatherings – bringing together hundreds of trickers from all around the globe. We plan to make this a special one! 

You can expect hype open sessions, helpful workshops from world-class trickers, exclusive merchandise from your favorite tricking brands, and most importantly – creating memories and relationships with trickers from all over the globe. Come fly with us in sunny California!

We invite trickers of ALL AGES & EXPERIENCE LEVELS! Loopkicks is a place to learn, grow, and experience community. 


King of Double Backs from Japan. Team Volatricks.

2nd Place Hooked Champion 2019 from Japan. Team Volatricks.

Young killa from Japan. Team Volatricks.

Young killa from the UK. Super underrated!

1st Place Hooked Champion 2016 from Philadelphia, PA. Team AKA.

One of the strongest in the game. Now living in Denver, CO.

Veteran tricker with a defined style. From the DMV. 

Tricking Influencer and founder of SHAPES from South Carolina.

King of the Vertical Kicks. From Philadelphia, PA. 

One of the cleanest trickers in the game. From North Carolina.

The One Punch Man. From Denver, CO.

One of the floatiest trickers ever! From Los Angeles, CA. 


If you have any further questions, feel free to send us an email!

We are not offering a housing package this year – but there are many affordable housing options in the Santa Clara area! 

  • Many motels within a short driving distance (or even walking distance!) from the gym. We recommend you get a group and split a room for the weekend. Maybe even make a post on our Facebook event page and see who’s interested.
  • If you have a somewhat larger party, there are also many affordable AirBnBs in the area!
  • If you are under the age of 16 and are coming in alone, please email us beforehand so we can work with you regarding your accommodations. 
  • If you have a large group and need help with accommodations, feel free to contact us!

Yes, but prices are lower the earlier you register. Early Bird discount lasts from February 1 – April 30. Online pricing  lasts from May 1 – June 30.  Any time after that will be the Late Pricing.

Loopkicks Gathering is for ALL AGES and EXPERIENCE LEVELS. However, if you are from out of state and you are under the age of 16, please let us know so we can accommodate you and help you out as much as possible. 

  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Extra money for food/merchandise
  • HYPE for all the tricks being thrown.

Workshops are aimed at trickers of all levels. We will have a head coach who is doing the main instructing and a handful of assistants who will also help you regardless of what level you are at. 

Workshops are structured to be an hour and a half long. The first hour will be drills / instruction by the coach, and the last half hour will be more of a structured open gym where you can direct feedback from the coach in a more personal way.

The Recovery/Conditioning Workshop taught by Cameron Sharma is FREE TO EVERYONE! It will be during the grass session.

You can join the workshops by purchasing the “All Access” or “Workshops” bundle, or you can purchase them individually in person.

We have a two options when it comes to battling at Loopkicks.

The Nightshow. We hand-pick who will be battling at the nightshow since it is for a bigger audience. These battles trend towards the more experienced, higher-level trickers.

Shapes Live Battles. We are partnering with Adam Devenport’s brand to bring battling to all levels! Anyone can sign up for these battles and they will be streamed live on the Shapes Instagram page. 


Presented by Shapes, a tricking brand run by Adam Devenport, the Live battles are essentially call-out battles in either 1v1 or team format that are open to anyone! These battles will be broadcasted on the Shapes Instagram page for viewers to watch and judge the winners of the battles. 

We recommend SJC due to its close proximity from the gym. However, if you are flying internationally, SFO or OAK might have more affordable flights. If you purchased the “All Access” package, we will provide pickup and drop off at the airport.

Check-In for the event is not until Thursday at 5:00 PM on Thursday (7/16), so we recommend you plan to fly in on Thursday morning or afternoon. Or if you have more free time, come in a couple days early or stay a couple days late! We will still be holding normal classes and sessions at the gym and there’s plenty to do in the Bay Area!

We are only proving TWO meals during the gathering – one for lunch on Friday for the grass/pool session and one for Saturday when we do our beach trip. Meals for the other days are not provided, so please plan accordingly. The gym is located at the heart of Santa Clara – there are many options in the area!

Yes. These purchases will be in-person only. $20 per individual open session and $30 per individual workshop. We definitely recommend purchasing a package to save some money!

The Recovery/Conditioning Workshop taught by Cameron Sharma is FREE TO EVERYONE! It will be during the grass session.

Contact us if you have a group of 5 or more. We would love to accommodate you!

Generally the answer is “yes”, but we usually ask for a donation of one or two pieces of apparel to use as prizes for the Nightshow.

Contact us directly for more details.


Schedule is subject to change. More information regarding workshops and activities coming soon!


5:00 PM

Check-In, Introductions, and Open Session

7:00 PM

Workshop 1 w/ Mikael Mantis & Eduardo Ruvalcaba

8:30 PM

Open Session



Pool Time!

1:00 PM

Grass Session & Lunch

2:30 PM

Recovery & Stretching Workshop  w/ Cameron Sharma

5:00 PM

Workshop 2 w/ Adam Devenport & Sebastien White

7:00 PM

Loopkicks Nightshow 

8:30 PM

Open Session 


11:00 AM

Beach Trip!

5:00 PM

Workshop 3 w/ Alex Kerwood & Ethan Turner

7:00 PM

SHAPES Live Battles 

8:30 PM

Open Session 


11:00 AM

Open Session 

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Post-Gathering Nature Hike


Prices will go up on April 30th! Individual session or workshop tickets are available for purchase in-person only.

More information regarding workshops and activities coming soon!

Single Session: $20 // Single Workshop: $30


Learn from the Best in the World
$ 75 One and a Half Hour Workshops
  • Workshop w/ Mikael Mantis & Eduardo Ruvalcaba
  • Workshop w/ Adam Devenport & Sebastien White
  • Workshop w/ Alex Kerwood & Ethan Turner


Ballin' on a Budget
$ 75 SALE ENDS 4/30
  • All Open Sessions
  • Access to all activities
  • Nightshow Ticket
  • Recovery Workshop
  • Transportation
  • 2x Meals for Friday & Saturday
  • Entry to SHAPES Live Battles
Early Bird

All Access

The Full Experience
$ 150 SALE ENDS 4/30
  • All Open Sessions
  • Access to all activities
  • Nightshow Ticket
  • Recovery Workshop
  • Transportation
  • 2x Meals for Friday & Saturday
  • Entry to SHAPES Live Battles
  • 3x Workshops
  • LK Goodie Bag
  • Airport Pickup & Drop-Off
  • 10% OFF LK Merchandise
Early Bird