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The Loopkicks Tricktionary has an index over 500 tricks and is constantly being updated. Systematically categorized, these tricks are broken up into five general categories. These categories are divided into subcategories based off of foot placement on takeoff.

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There's more to tricking than just the tricks themselves. These resources cover the language, deeper understandings, and concepts of tricking.


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The sport and art of tricking has grown so much from it’s roots – we want to facilitate that growth and help educate the current and future generation of trickers.

The format of this site might be a bit daunting to a new user, but it’s comprehensiveness is necessary; it reflects the diverse and complicated nature of tricking. We tried our best to make tricking approachable, but don't shy away from how much tricking has to offer!

If you are new to tricking, check out our Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Tricking and our Top 10 Fundamental Tricks List.


This is a constantly evolving project, please be patient with us if you encounter any issues, bugs, or broken links. The site is constantly being updated. So keep an eye out and keep coming back to see the new additions!

Videos will be of varying quality and speeds/framerate. The majority of clips have been downloaded from YouTube or Instagram. We do not claim ownership over those clips.

Also, tricking terminology is a melting pot of technical terms and silly nicknames. The terminology is constantly evolving and is still full of inconsistencies. When it comes to names, it's more useful to think of them as descriptive, not prescriptive. There are multiple ways to breakdown and interpret tricks, so there will be some inconsistencies.


The Tricktionary is a community-focused project. Feel free to submit new tricks, report any broken links, typos, or misinformation, or just give us feedback!

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