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Tricking is for Everyone

We welcome students of any experience level. Everyone is welcome - our members come from all walks of life and have various abilities, goals, and experience levels. The majority of our students did not have any prior martial arts or acrobatic experience when they started with us.


Ages 7-9. Beginners.

Develop confidence and discipline as you level up in this new sport.


Ages 10-16. All Levels.

Push your body to the next level and express yourself through movement! The sky is the limit!


Ages 17+. All Levels.

Try something new! Let go of the stress and tension of life and develop some skills in a welcoming community!

Our Community


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More Testimonials

"There is no other youth class or activity like Loopkicks.  My 11-year-old son loves the Loopkicks classes and we drive 90 minutes each way to get there.  The instructors are experienced, welcoming, super encouraging and very careful around injury prevention.  He loves taking classes with them and learns so much there."

Jen (Student Mom)

"Love, love, love Loopkicks Tricking! Mark and all the instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and most importantly very encouraging to their students. The instructors, fellow students and pro trickers are there to help you, encourage you and cheer you so they make it quite easy to do and try new things."

Gaby (Student Mom)

"I'm new to the world of tricking and Loopkicks has been an amazing way to start! Since there are different skill levels, each coach will work with a different group so it always feels like you are learning something without being overwhelmed."

Anu (Adult Student)

Train Safely &
Progress Steadily

We prioritize safety and steady progression over everything! Using drills and equipment, you will be able to push your abilities and transform your body.

Our experienced coaches are here to guide you to the next level! We use progressions, drills, and state-of-the-art equipment to develop body awareness before attempting difficult skills.

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