Variations are the different kicks and shapes that can be applied to any trick. Listed below are just the most common, well known variations - it would be impossible to list out every possible variation and combination of variations.

Tricking terminology is a lot like learning a language; rather than memorizing the name of each trick, you can break it down into separate parts.


An inside-leg kick. It is differentiated from the inside crescent kick by the hip turnover and the chamber & snap of the kick. Typically finishes in complete stance or mega stance.

Example: Corkscrew Round

Hook / Hyperhook

An outside-leg kick. Tends to refer to either a traditional "hook" kick or an "outside crescent" kick. Typically lands in hyper stance.

Example: Corkscrew Hyperhook (Boxcutter)


A kick that travels from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock from above the head towards the ground like an axe. Similar to the frontswing motion.

Example: Butterfly Twist Axe


A round kick landed on the kicking leg and in hyper stance. Usually done in a vertical descent motion towards the ground. The term "swipe" tends to refer to some level of inversion.

Example: Corkscrew Swipe


An outside crescent kick where you land on the kicking leg. Tends to land in complete or mega stance. Previously referred to as "singleleg" or a"hypered crescent".

Example: Corkscrew Shuriken


Similar to the shuriken, but lands on both feet (turbo) typically in frontside.

Example: Illusion Twist

Jackknife / Swipeknife

An inside leg kick followed by an outside hyper hook. The term "Jackknife" is used to refer to vertical kicks, whereas the term "Swipeknife" is used to refer to off-axis tricks. Typically the variation is shortened to just "knife".

Example: Corkscrew Swipeknife


An outside leg kick (typically crescent) followed by an inside leg kick (typically a round, inside crescent, or front kick). Named after the Street Fighter character "Fei Long".

Example: Full Feilong


A hook kick done with the round-kicking leg going against the rotation of the base trick.

Example: Butterfly Twist Hawkeye

Twist Kick

A round kick aimed back the way it came from. Sometimes referred to as an "inside round" kick. It is commonly seen in the Scissor variation.

Example: Butterfly Twist Twist-Kick

Doubleleg / Pike

A windshield wiper motion with your lower half with both feet piked together. Originating from Capoeira. "Doubleleg" usually refers to off-axis tricks, "Pike" usually refers to on-axis (backwards / forwards) tricks, and "Parafuso" usually refers to vertical kicks.

Example: Corkscrew Doubleleg


Originally the Wackknife was a vertical kick with 2 or 3 (depends on how you count it) kicks that lands in semi with an outside crescent kick. However, most trickers do the Wackknife variation landing in Turbo stance on both feet.

Example: Butterfly Twist Wackknife


A vertical pike with one arm grabbing the opposite ankle and the other arm extending away from the body. Typically done with a "late" flip to emphasize the shape.

Example: Rocketboi


A twist kick that is done while flipping away from the kick in a "scissoring" motion. Typically lands in mega but it can sometimes overrotate into complete stance.

Example: Gainer Scissor


A shape where the emphasis is on the back arch and the travel of the outside leg. Originally it was defined by being "a Sideswipe done in reverse" and was a Butterfly Kick variation, but as a variation, it can be applied to many other tricks.

Example: Gainer Sidewinder

Crowd Awakener / X-Out

A mid-air split kick directed at the audience. "X-Out' tends to refer to on-axis (backward or forwards) flips, whereas "Crowd Awakener" is more of a general term that applies to more off-axis or vertical tricks. But both generally have a similar aesthetic and target.

Example: Corkscrew Crowd Awakener

Rodeo / Squirrel

An arched back position with a leg grab. Some people differentiate "squirrel" to mean grabbing both legs with both arms and "rodeo" to mean just one arm grabbing.

Example: Rodeo Corkscrew


When a leg passes the other leg mid-air and lands.

Example: Gainer Switch


A swing into a side kick. Similar concept to a kick full / flash full, but with a sidekick.

Example: Dragonfly Corkscrew