How does my membership work?

Membership Terms. All memberships are set to autopay every 28 days. Each month you will be allotted a fixed amount of class and/or open gym credits for that 28 day period following the initial payment. You may see how many credits you have using the PushPress app.

Credits do not rollover. Credits are set to expire within 28 days of payment. You must use your credits within the 28 day period.

Credits are not transferrable. Credits cannot be used by anyone else other than the account they are tied to - they cannot be shared by family members or friends.  

Why do we do it this way? Rather than requiring you to pick a specific schedule or schedule a makeup class every time something comes up, we'd rather give you the flexibility to schedule your classes.

Membership Options

Change. You may upgrade your membership at anytime.

Pausing. You may pause your membership for up to 90 days. Pausing your membership will keep your credits frozen on your account, ready for you to use them once you return.

Cancellation. You can cancel your membership at anytime. Once a membership is cancelled, you will still have access to those class and/or open gym credits until they were set to expire. Of course, you can start your membership up anytime after cancellation.

Managing Your Account

To view remaining credits and see when payments are due, please login to the PushPress app. If you are having trouble logging in or resetting your password, please send us an email to