Loopkicks Tricking classes are designed to challenge you in a fun, safe way! Land new skills and progress effectively! We balance consistency and spontaneity - challenging you and keeping you on your toes!


Learn Tricking in an efficient, fun, and safe way!

How we run classes at Loopkicks. We use our Loopkicks Level Up System to provide a framework for skills progression.

Tricking is a hard sport. Our Level Up System provides a framework for skills progression in a fun, safe way! We believe that the tricking journey is all about continuous testing and adjusting - so we don't have a specific "testing day". We use Skill Cards to track your progress - this eliminates the pressure of a one-time pass or fail.


How do you progress?

1. Schedule a Free Intro Class


We offer a FREE, 1:1 Intro Class with a coach. In this 30 minute intro class we will assess your current level and establish what level of class will best fit you!

If you are new to acrobatics and movement, we will most likely place you in our one-on-one Foundations Program before you start entering group classes. If you have prior experience or have a higher-level of athleticism, we will place you in our Beginners Classes.

2. Use the Skills Card


Once you get placed into a group class, you'll start learning new skills! After every class, there will be a 10 minute period during Open Gym where you can check-off tricks on your Skills Card with a Coach.

You will have up to two attempts for each skill. It is up to a Coach's discretion whether to pass you on that skill. You can attempt to check off as many skills as you want within the 10-minute period.

3. Level Up


Once you've completed all the skills on your sheet - you have leveled up! You will be awarded your new band and depending on your band level, recommended into a new group level class.

Learn tricking at your own pace. We want to see your progression!
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Our "Foundations" level is for people who are completely new to acrobatics and movement. This level is taught in a one-on-one setting in either the Intro Session or a Foundations Program.

At this level you learn martial arts & acrobatic movement basics. The goal is to develop kinesthetic awareness, strength, and awareness.


Once you're able to do all the skills in our Foundations level, you can start attending our Beginner (Level 2) group classes.

At this level you learn tricking-specific basics such as kicks, flips, and ground moves. The goal is to start putting them together into combos.


Once you've completed your Beginner Skill Card you can start attending Intermediate (Levels 3 & 4) Classes.

At this level you will start adding half/single twists and variations to your base-level tricks.


Once you've completed all the Level 4 skills, you will be invited into our Advanced Class. This class is an invite-only program.

At this level you will start doing multiple twists and variations into elite-level combos.

Book a FREE Intro Class

Start training with us today! Our intro class is a 30-minute, 1-on-1 session with an experienced coach. Try tricking - it could be the thing you've been looking for.