Cartwheel Full Breakdown - What You Need to Know!

The Cartwheel - Full Twist (aka cartfull) is a popular skill in both tricking and in freerunning.

There are many different ways to execute a good cartfull. The cartwheel tech, amount of set, etc. are all dependent on the type of cartfull that you want. You will use different technique for doing a cartfull swing vs a high cartfull (prepping for doubles) vs a variated cartfull.

The examples and technique are what I consider good "baseline" technique. You can modify it as you see fit to suit your needs.

1. The Cartwheel

Heel Drive

Don't forget to drive your back heel (in my case it'd be my right heel) to accelerate in your cartwheel!


Having a WIDE base for your arms is crucial to lowering your center of gravity and forming a strong base that you can push off from.


Play around with the distance you travel in your cartwheel. Many beginners make the mistake of carwheel-ing in place. This will kill your power generation.

2. The Arms

One of the biggest mistakes I see in beginner cartfulls are the lack of arm usage when transitioning from the cartwheel to the full itself. Always pull from the ground when initiating the full - this will allow you to actually use the momentum that you have built up in the cartwheel. Focus on pulling with both arms equally.

3. The Axis

The axis of your cartfull can vary wildly - I don't believe there is only ONE way to do this. Just be aware of your axis and play around with it. You don't have to force yourself to fully invert, but you also don't want to go around the side. Watch your favorite trickers and try to replicate their axis in their cartwheel. Replicating the axis in the cartwheel should produce desired results in the full twist.

4. The Pop Takeoff

For this example, we are using a cartwheel POP full. The biggest takeaway from this should be the timing of your jump following the cartwheel. If you wait too long to jump into your full twist, you will have wasted all the power that you built up in your cartwheel.

You don't have to only pop in a cartfull. A lot of people definitely punch their cartfulls using a "cartoff" technique.

5. The Spot

Focus on spotting the floor as you initiate the twist. Spotting at the right time will help your inversion axis as well as make the landing so much easier. Once you start the twist, find the ground and place your feet underneath you.