How to Scoot to Gainer, Using Safe Progressions!

Scoot swingthrough Gainer Flash is one of the first "setup - swing - trick" combos that you'll probably learn in your tricking journey. Other than J-Step or Pivot Step, it's likely that Scoot will be your first setup for many of your swing tricks (ie gainer and cork).

This method uses Scoot and Aerial to teach the swing Gainer regardless if you've landed Gainer Flash before. If you've never landed Gainer before, you're in luck!

1. Prerequisites

Scoot. Make sure your scoot is powerful enough to dry swing (kick your leg through) with ease. Your scoot should be pretty inverted and not too around the side.

Aerial. A "tricker" aerial (sideways) actually works best for this progression vs a tumbling aerial. Your aerial should be pretty inverted and you should be comfortable throwing it.

2. Scoot (reversal) Aerial

Over-rotate your scoot and push off your swing leg (right leg in this case) into the aerial. I call this the "tap and push" technique.

The goal for this drill is to eliminate any re-adjusting of the feet once you've landed your scoot. Try to make this as instantaneous as possible.

Don't worry too much about your DOM (direction of momentum). It's okay if your aerial doesn't travel in the same direction as your scoot.

3. Scoot (swing) Gainer Cartwheel

Here we want to focus on building power with our swing from the scoot and just catching ourselves on our hands.

Again, don't worry about your Gainer Cartwheel going straight back, you'll probably carve a lot to the side when you first start this.

Make sure you are spotting over your shoulder and seeing the ground. Reach your hands to that spot, don't just blindly throw yourself in the air.

4. Scoot (swing) Pseudo Gainer

Start kicking and riding your leg all the way to the ground. Don’t worry about inversion yet, just focus on the landing and pushing your hips over.

You can treat this almost like a "swing 540" if you can already 540 Kick. You don't have to kick to your opposite shoulder yet, just focus on landing on the swinging leg.

Again, spot over your shoulder so you can see the ground and kick your foot to that spot.

5. Scoot (swing) Gainer Flash

Now put it all together! Start lifting your arms all the way up, spotting up and over the shoulder, and letting your chest lean back more to get that full inversion axis.

Drilling steps 3 & 4 are crucial to develop the inversion and power that you're looking for.