540 Kick Drills - 3 Ways to Train!

The 540 Kick is one of the "basics" of tricking, but it is definitely not an easy skill to master.

While a lot of naturally athletic beginner trickers can easily muscle a 540, executing the trick with optimal technique takes a lot of understanding and drilling. A lot of trickers who started without a martial arts background struggle with the 540 due to the amount of power needed to takeoff and land on the same foot while still executing proper kick technique (hip turnover, chambering, etc.)

These drills focus on training the technique and form of the 540 without necessarily using the power or energy needed to actually throw a 540.

As always, use these drills WITH the pre-requisites and progressions. A high, powerful Tornado Kick is a must before even attempting the 540.

1. Swing Round Hyper

This drill teaches the landing and rotation of the 540 Kick.

When executing this drill, focus on the following:

a) Spotting

Spot the target in front of you as long as possible in the takeoff and then again on landing. This will ensure that you're kicking the correct target and keep your body upright. Maintaining good posture during the 540 will help with height and efficiency.

b) Hip Turnover

Be mindful that you execute your round kick with proper hip turnover. Notice how the kicking hip (right hip in this case) is aligned with the right shoulder. Everything needs to be rotating together.

2. Tornado Skip

Do a low, fast Tornado Kick and switch your feet (landing on the kicking foot) after the round kick extends fully.

When drilling this pre-req, focus on doing the motion with speed. Think about accelerating into the landing the moment you've executed the kick.

This will teach you to kick THROUGH the target and into the floor for landing.

To re-iterate from the first drill: you always want to make sure you are spotting and turning your hip over properly.

3. Grounded Swipes

This drill teaches how to actually kick and land on the same foot, but with your arm down for support.

A common theme you're going to focus on in all these drills is the hip turnover as this is crucial to rotation and safely landing the 540.

Make sure you are explosively jumping, kicking, and landing from the takeoff and do not slow down your movement at all.

Train safe! These drills are meant to supplement your Tornado Kick training on your journey to land your 540!