You're Probably Doing This Wrong - 2 Common Back Tuck Mistakes!

Most anyone can throw a backflip, but are you doing it in the most efficient way?

These two mistakes are the biggest ones I've seen in all my years of coaching.

1. You're arching back too much

The higher you bring your chest up, the higher your center of rotation will be in your back tuck. By leaning back too much and arching your back, you are reducing your height and set.

In addition to killing your height, the more you arch back the harder it will be to tuck. The arch is the OPPOSITE shape you want to hit in a back TUCK.

This can be fixed by spotting forward as long as possible and using your core/hips to close your tuck, rather than relying on throwing your head back to flip.

Notice how in the top clip I maintain my spot as long as possible and use my core to initiate my tuck.

Pull your chest UP, not back.

2. You're not using your arms

Your chest should be lifted up together with your arms. Too many people set with their chest & head, but you'll get so much more lift and extension if you lift through the shoulders.

If you don't extend your arms all the way to your ears, you'll never reach your full height.

Notice how in the top clip I raise my arms all the way up to my ears before pulling into the tuck. You should literally feel yourself lift through the shoulders into the peak of your jump.

Of course there are WAY more possible and common mistakes, but these two encompass a lot of the main beginner issues.