How to Aerial - Tricking Progression

The Aerial is one of the most iconic flips found in many different disciplines from gymnastics to dance to various different martial arts.

This Aerial progression actually doesn't use the cartwheel, although having a strong cartwheel is an important pre-requisite.

This progression focuses on developing the FEELING of an Aerial more than it focuses on the "proper" mechanics. Of course there are many other methods to learning Aerial, but this is the one we've seen as the quickest way to learn the aerial.

1. Blasterscoot

Also known as an "illusion" in the dance community. Basically a round kick with the opposite hand touching your base foot. Focus on developing speed and power in a circular motion. Try to drop the chest as far from the kicking foot as possible.

2. Kaydem

The same as Step 1 but without the hand plant. Maintain the same posture, shape, and power.

3. Kaydem Switch

Land on your other foot by switching your foot midway through. Start slow and build up speed over time. Spot the ground the entire way through.

4. Lazy Aerial

Take Step 3 and start adding a little more power. Your main focus should be kicking your back leg all the way to the ground. Don't worry too much about your inversion axis at this point, but still focus on keeping your chest low to the ground.

5. Aerial

Put more power by pushing off the base foot and driving your kicking foot all the way around. You can now start driving the chest forward and actually generating power. This will produce a side-to-side aerial, which is preferable for tricking combos.