Our Kicking Program is a sports specific skill-training program focusing on the sweet science of kicking. Hosted by Feetworkx.



Striking vs Creative Striking?

Striking is a broad category of Martial Arts using your arms and legs to effectively either

1) Make contact with a target (attack) or
2) React to a coming strike (defend)

Striking can be seen in almost every Martial Art whether it be eastern traditional martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu; or modern combat arts like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA.

Creative Striking is taking your favorite techniques from those martial art forms and executing effective angles, combinations, transitions, and if you're good, your own trademark move(s). Creative Striking is what is seen in non/light-contact arenas like in Sport Karate katas, Fight Choreography, Tricking, Wushu etc.

Creative Striking is a trained fighter kicking and punching an imaginary opponent aka shadow sparring. Weapons are an extension of Striking and have creative elements too.

This class is available for teens and adults. No experience / belt level necessary. Come onto the floor with an open mind ready to explore one vast segment of martial arts - striking.


Fitness goals? Competitor or Performer? Try something new - no prior experience required!

  • Get Fit. Striking exercises are a fun way to hit many fitness goals like basic mobility and flexibility, speed and power, and it helps with body tone and cardio stamina. Martial Arts is well-known for connecting mind, body, and spirit!
  • Are you a Competitor or Performer! Students with experience in one martial art generally expand into other art forms as well as seen with the rise of Mixed Martial Artists and superhero stunt men. Creative Striking could add to your repertoire in the ring / front of the camera.
  • Try something new! Try a martial arts activity in a fun safe non/light-contact setting, invite a friend and start your partner drilling journeys.
  • No experience needed. All styles / levels welcome, convenient if you'd like to experience the arts but can't commit to a system of ranks.


Creative Striking is an assortment of concepts from many martial arts styles, so there are no unified belt ranks or exams. Instead, technique lists and diagrams will be provided to check off your new skills as you learn them.

We'll start with general foundations, slowly dive into a new specific technique, and then alter attributes like angle, timing, power, reset, quantity, etc. until we've created something new!

This class is under a strict controlled, non/light-contact setting. The vast majority of class is shadow drilling, target drilling, and partner choreo / trade drilling. Only on rare occasion will there be actual free sparring, and only experienced students will be permitted.

The instructors have many decades experience in the martial art and artistic aspects of Striking, and can provide you a safe place for training your creative Striking needs. For full spectrum Self-Defense or Combat training needs, please contact your local dojo or gym.

Weekly Schedule

Martial Arts classes run once a week on Fridays at 7PM.
Please schedule your class before hand to secure your spot in class!