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Why Take Our Program?

Our Tricking Class is the only online program on the market that provides personalized coaching in a digestible format. We are seasoned, established tricking coaches who have instructed 500+ athletes throughout our careers. Our students have gone from their very first rolls and kicks to triple twists and high-level combinations.

Most Tricking instruction often comes in the form of online videos, made by amateurs with a narrow understanding of the sport. They may show you how they perform a technique, but can’t help you when you get stuck on a part that’s unclear. We’re changing that. Our goal is to see people succeed, and it’s going to take more than posting online tutorials of us showing off. We want to teach you live. We’ll help you pinpoint issues when you’re stuck, and mentor you looking towards the future. Anyone can be good at Tricking.

Many beginners struggle unnecessarily for months or even years without seeing any real progress. Let us help kickstart and guide your tricking journey.

Progression System

We give you the prerequisite movements to learn your tricks efficiently and safely. Build a strong foundation!

Live Coaches Feedback

During training, coaches can help you correct any issues directly. Get expert insights that we wish we had.

Join a Community

Meet other Trickers and push each other to improve! Our community is focused on growth and inspiration.

What is Tricking?

Tricking is the evolution of movement art. It borrows and incorporates kicks from martial arts, gymnastics flips and twists, and ground moves from breakdancing. These elements of kicks, flips, twists, and ground moves are fused together in creative, visually-pleasing combinations. It has been described the ultimate form of movement and expression.

Our Approach

Whether you’re completely new to movement, trained traditional martial arts your whole life, or have even been tricking for a while, our online program can help you grow! Our coaches are experienced in instructing both beginners and advanced students. 

  • 3 Classes a Week. Our virtual classes are 60-minute lessons consisting of warmup, tricking instruction, and conditioning.

  • Bonus Session. Following our 60-minute lesson, we have another hour of open time with the coaches where you can ask questions, explore what you did in class, and get advice and tips as you train on your own.

  • Level split. We have 2 coaches in every session and we will split into separate rooms for more personalized instruction.

  • Equipment. None required. Just an open space – grass or mats are preferred.

Student Testimonials

Kris Hidalgo

30 Years Old

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Patient, Encouraging, and Knowledgeable

If you’ve ever wanted to get into tricking, these are the classes! Being online means you can learn from the comfort of your home, backyard, etc. The coaches are all talented down to earth people that have been in the forefront of the tricking community for years. They are patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. I was a dancer for years and did a little here and there but these classes helped me really understand the tricking world and now I go to sessions multiple times a week to work on our craft! So overall, highly recommend these classes if you want to progress safety and quickly with sound technique!

Jack Douglass

16 Years Old

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fast Progression and Great Community

These classes are amazing! The coaches are super helpful and encouraging, and have become great friends. I have learned so much in these classes and progressed so fast in the last few months. I strongly recommend being a part of these classes! 

Keita & Taita Nakayama

10 & 13 Years Old

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Patient, Encouraging, and Knowledgeable

Whenever I am struggling, the coaches come to my aid. They are always teaching and helping me as I progress. They really cheer me up and push me to grow! (Taita)

Meet your Coaches!

Mark Rusmantijo

Loopkicks Gym Head Coach. 2nd Degree Blackbelt with 8 Years of Coaching Experience.

Brian Huang

CA Tricking Coordinator. Kung Fu Blackbelt with 10 Years of Coaching Experience.

Adric Tang

CA Tricking Head Coach. Elite Level talent with 8 Years Coaching Experience.

Jimmy Xiong

Target Kicking Champion. Taekwondo Black Belt and High Level Gymnast.

Tricking for Everyone!

Our goal is to have quality tricking instruction that is affordable and accessible to anyone!

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Access to All Sessions
$ 78 Monthly
  • Unlimited Access to All Sessions
  • 2+ Coaches per Session
  • Safe Progressions
  • No Equipment Required
  • Structured Lesson Plans
  • Strengthen and Condition the Body!
  • Direct Feedback from Professionals
  • Modified Curriculum for Enclosed Spaces

5 Class Bundle

One Time Payment, Must use within 45 Days of Purchase
$ 45 5 Class Bundle
  • 5 Class Sessions
  • 2+ Coaches per Session
  • Safe Progressions
  • No Equipment Required
  • Structured Lesson Plans
  • Strengthen and Condition the Body!
  • Direct Feedback from Professionals
  • Modified Curriculum for Enclosed Spaces

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