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Tricking is for EVERYONE. We teach students of all ages – kids, teens, and adults how to kick, flip, and twist!


Tricking (or martial arts tricking) is a non-combative, dynamic sport that takes elements from martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing and combines them into a performance-focused artform. Our tricking classes will teach students of all ages – kids, teens, and adults how to kick, flip, and twist! Through safe progressions, proper equipment, and experienced instruction, we believe ANYONE can learn how to trick. 

Tricking is for EVERYONE. It’s a full body workout that improves strength, aerial awareness, flexibility, and mobility. 
But training tricking affects more than just your physical state – it also encourages focus, discipline, and mental clarity. 
Whether young or old, you can reap the benefits of learning how to trick.


Unlike traditional martial arts or structured gymnastics, tricking does not have a singular, static ranking system. We focus on teaching the basic elements and movements of the sport and attain new skills through progressions. We focus on teaching all 3 elements of tricking (kicking, flipping, and twisting) equally. 



Tricking is a relatively new sport, originating from Sport Martial Arts in the 90s – and Team Loopkicks has been at the heart of the growing community since the beginning. 

As a team, we have training and instructing in the art of tricking longer than anyone else not just in the Bay Area, but worldwide. Our instructors have been training and teaching for many years already and are itching to share their knowledge with the next generation.


All Ages & Experience Levels Welcome!

kids classes

Children develop discipline, goal setting, and their athletic potential all while having fun and exploring the art of tricking. Our classes allow them to cultivate focus and persistence through safe, progressive training to land new skills beyond their current capacity.

teen & Young Adult classes

Self Expression through movement is one of the key concepts of tricking. We give you the building blocks and tools to express your individuality and hone your art and craft. Imagine being able to flip in the are effortlessly and move in any way imaginable. 

adult classes

Make fitness fun! Increase your balance and mobility, lose weight, and strengthen your body through a fun activity. Learn new skills at your own pace and take control! You’re never too old to start. 

Open gyms

Sessions are open to the public! If you already have a background in tricking and just need a place to train – this is for you! The Bay Area Tricking community is growing strong and full of self-taught trickers. Open gym is not restricted to just tricking – if you want to train tumbling, cheer, or stunts you are free to come by!


Family & Group (4+) discounts available! 

1 Class / Week

+1 Open Gym / Week

$120 / Month

3 Month Commitment

$110 / Month

6 Month Commitment

2 Classes / Week

+2 Open Gym / Week

$150 / Month

3 Month Commitment

$135 / Month

6 Month Commitment

Unlimited Classes

+ Unlimited Open Gyms

$220 / Month

3 Month Commitment

$200 / Month

6 Month Commitment

Class Bundles

Open Gym not included


5 Classes

(60 Day Expiration)


10 Classes

(90 Day Expiration)

Open Gyms

No Instruction, 2 Hour Session


Single Drop-In


Monthly Unlimited


2790 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95051 

We are currently located inside Evo Sports Club on the side. Our entrance is on the side of the building, facing Kiely Blvd. 

The gym is equipped with everything needed to provide a safe learning environment.