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Aidan Kennedy (teenage tricker) doing a Jackknife.


Tricking (or martial arts tricking) is a non-combative, dynamic sport that incorporates elements of martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing and combines them into a single performance-focused artform.

Our tricking classes will teach students of all ages – kids, teens, and adults how to kick, flip, and twist! Through safe progressions, proper equipment, and experienced instruction, we believe ANYONE can learn how to trick.

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Tricking is for EVERYONE. It’s a full body workout that improves strength, aerial awareness, flexibility, and mobility. Training tricking affects more than just your physical state – it also encourages focus, discipline, and mental clarity.

Safety is our first priority. We use progressions, drills, and state-of-the-art equipment to develop body awareness before attempting difficult skills. All our classes are broken up into smaller groups based off of skill level.

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Keenan Carr doing a Full Doubleleg during the Loopkicks Gathering 2019 Nightshow
Ages 7-9. Beginners.
Ages 10-16. All Levels.
Ages 10+. All Levels.
Ages 16+. All Levels.


Get stronger, more flexible, and mobile while learning tricking! Our curriculum builds skills from the ground up. We've had success and results with students of all body types and with zero experience!

  • No Experience? No problem. We welcome students who have never done acrobatics or martial arts before! Our curriculum builds tricking skills from the ground up. Develop strength, flexibility, and mobility while learning tricking!
  • Martial Artist, Dancer, or just athletic? This is THE way to expand your skillset! We find that students with prior experience pick up tricking relatively quickly and have great success with our program! One of the beauties of tricking is that there is inherently no skill cap. New skills are being landed in tricking every month.
  • Think you're too old? Think again! We will help you wherever you are at - many of our adult students start over the age of 30 and have progressed farther than they ever expected to!


Every class begins with a full body warm up with the collective group. Once warmed up, we split into smaller groups to work on specific skills with their coach. Each group is broken up by skill difficulty.

Breaking up into smaller groups allows for more personalized instruction, ensuring that each individual receives the attention they deserve.

Every body is different. Our students receive personalized adjustments, modifications, and encouragement throughout each class to learn new skills.

By nature, tricking is a very diverse artform - and our training methodology reflects that. We incorporate basic movements from traditional martial arts and acrobatics.

Safety is our first priority. We use progressions, drills, and state-of-the-art equipment to develop body awareness before attempting difficult skills.

"There is no other youth class or activity like Loopkicks.  My 11-year-old son loves the Loopkicks classes and camps and we drive 90 minutes each way to get there.  The instructors are experienced, welcoming, super encouraging and very careful around injury prevention.  He loves taking classes with them and learns so much there.  They've leveled up his tricking for martial arts competitions but most importantly he has a blast at each class."

Jen S. (Mother)

"I'm new to the world of tricking and Loopkicks has been an amazing way to start! Since there are different skill levels, each coach will work with a different group so it always feels like you are learning something without being overwhelmed. Mark, Nevin, Dandy, and Everett are great coaches who are not only skilled but good at breaking down the moves and helping you work on progression. It's a very safe and supportive environment thanks to the instructors and other students! Overall a great place to learn tricking!"

Anu B. (Adult Student)

"Love, love, love Loopkicks Tricking! Mark and all the instructors are very knowledgeable, patient and most importantly very encouraging to their students. A big part of tricking is about training and overcoming your fears so you can do all the "tricks". The instructors, fellow students and pro trickers are there to help you, encourage you and cheer you so they make it quite easy to do and try new things."

Gaby C. (Mother)

"Loopkicks is a fantastic place to learn about tricking, martial arts, gymnastics, etc. Mark and the team are all experts in their craft and know how to teach in a fun, effective, and safe environment. They are welcoming to all ages (from kids to adults!). I would highly encourage you to check it out with friends and/or family!"

Andrew C. (Adult Student)

"This place is amazing! They offer multi-level teaching from beginners to advanced students and classes for all ages.  Mark & the other instructors are very knowledgeable.  Their passion for tricking gets my son motivated and excited about what he's learning. My son has been coming here for a year and a half now.   We love how he's progressing to a more advanced level.  I highly recommend all the programs they have.  From camps, online classes, regular classes to private classes,  my son tried all the programs.  We even combine programs depends on my sons schedule and Mark is so easy to talk to. Overall I highly recommend this place.  Even if there are other gyms closer to us we'd still take him here."

Agnes S. (Mother)


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